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The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) by RESNET provides a detailed look at the energy efficiency of a new home.

A HERS rating is like a golf score: the lower the better. A HERS rating of 100 is a standard, code built home. A HERS rating of 0 is a zero energy home - a home that generates as much energy as it uses. A HERS rating is a computer model that can evaluate different insulation models and is best used during the planning stages of a house. It can answer questions like which is the most efficient way to insulate the attic? What is the best option for a furnace or boiler?

A HERS rating can go a long way in satisfying the requirements of the building department. Beyond that, the MassSave program has some good rebates on appliances and free light bulbs that are part of the energy analysis.

A 3D model of the house is built from your plans. The energy information from that model is added to the HERS rating software. When the house is insulated and before the sheetrock is installed, a rater would come out to the house and grade the insulation installation, test the duct system (if necessary), and potentially do an initial blower door test to test the leakage and pinpoint places that might need some extra work before the walls are closed up. Then at the end of the project, a final blower door test will be done and light bulbs installed.

Paul Raymer has been a HERS rater since 2009 and is an IREC Master Trainer. The up-front cost for the HERS rating is $750 which includes all the modeling, blower door, and duct testing. This is usually returned to the homeowner by the Mass Save rebates. But the rebates could exceed that amount.
HERS ratings cost a little but save a lot! Contact us at 866-389-8578 or info@heysol.com