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Tax Incentives Assistance Project
Last Updated: 07/26/2012
Tax Incentives Assistance Project (TIAP)

The energy saving tax incentives are great but so is the confusion in how to take advantage of them.  The Tax Incentives Assistance Project (TIAP) is “sponsored by a coalition of public interest, nonprofit groups, government agencies, and other organizations in the energy efficiency field to give consumers and businesses the information they need to make use of the federal income tax incentives for energy efficient products and technologies passed by Congress as part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 and subsequently amended several times.”  The TIAP website describes the many incentives that are available and even includes copies of the necessary IRS forms.


The FAQ pages are extremely useful, defining what applies and what doesn’t from water heaters to condominiums.  There are links to a wide variety of useful websites as well.
Tax Incentives Assistance Project (TIAP)

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