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Airtest PM2200 CO2 and IAQ Monitor Manual
The Airtest PM2200 CO2 and IAQ Monitor Manual provides setting and use information. Please see the attachment below for the complete manual.
AirTest PM2500 Product Manual
The PM2500 is a remarkable particle measurement tool at an extremelyh reasonable price. This is the product manual that describes the start-up, operations, and maintenance of this remarkable product.
Fantech "Intelligent" Dryer Booster Fan Manual
The Fantech "intelligent" dryer booster fan system is a superb, long life in-line dryer booster fan.  It is the manual that comes with the system and shows you how to mount&n
Fantech DBLT4 Lint Trap Manual
The Fantech DBLT4 Lint Trap should be used with a dryer booster fan to keep the lint out of the fan and ducting. Please click on the link below for the complete manual.
Fantech FC duct attachment and mounting clamp manual
The Fantech FC line of mounting clamps are designed to reduce the vibration from the fan for any attachment to the structure. Installation is simple and positive.
Fantech FPS10 Positive/Negative Pressure Switch Kit Installation Instructions
The FPS10 is a very versatile switch. The pressures are relative to the two taps on the switch. When they are both open (as shipped), the pressure at both points is equal, the internal SPDT switch wil
Fantech Model PB Ceiling Grille Installation Manual
The Fantech Model PB ceiling grillles include a light. This manual in English, French, and Spanish provide installation and wiring instructions. Please see the link below for the complete manual.
Fantech Premium Bath Fan Manual
This is the general installation manual for the Fantech Premium bath fan systems in English, French, and Spanish. Please click on the link below for the complete manual.
Installation Instructions for 10 Amp Speed Control KBWC-110K
The 10 amp speed control (KBWC-110K) works with shaded pole, p.s.c., and universal motors that are rated by UL for use with a "solid state speed control".  The following is the manual that comes
The Comfort Stream manual
The Comfort Stream is a powerful, multi-port exhaust fan.  It is designed to move up to 450 cubic feet per minute out of four separate rooms and exhaust the air to the outside through a twelve i