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PRMX-EB4x90   "Squeeze" 90 degree elbow for 4" ducting
GRASKM2-ST   24 Hour Electro-Mechanical Pin Timer
BB110872   3 Inch Brown Louvered Plastic hood
BB110749   3 Inch Louver/Hood, White w/Ring
BB110887   3 Inch wide mouth P'Tanium Galvanized Paintable Hood
BB110544   4 inch adjustable aluminum elbow
HEY-AFS4   4 Inch Averaging AirFlow Sensor
BB110287   4 inch Brown Louvered Plastic hoods without tailpipe, W/snap on ring
BB110161   4 inch Close Elbow, SAF-T-DUCT« 90' Elbow
BB110336   4 Inch Louvered Exhaust Vent w/tail
BB110286   4 inch Louvered Plastic hoods without tailpipe
PRMX-RDV4S   4 inch round soffit vent
BB110812   4" Fixed Louvered Fresh Air Intake
BB110813   4" Fixed Louvered Fresh Air Intake w/10" Tail
BB110189   4" Metal Eave Vent w/screen no damper
BB110889   4" Wide Mouth, Heavy Duty Dryer Vent
BB110895   5 Inch Mini Louver Fresh Air Intake, White
PRMX-RDV5S   5 inch round soffit vent
HEY-AFS6   6 Inch Averaging AirFlow Sensor
BB110899   6 inch Mini Louver Fresh Air Intake
HEY-ACXK   ACX Probe Kit
ACYC-G2k-06   AirCycler g2-k Kit
ATST-PM2200   AirTest Desktop CO2/IAQ Monitor
ATST-PM2500   AirTest Particle Counter and IAQ Monitor
BB111197   Aluminum 24 Gauge 10" Hood
BB110490   Aluminum Coupler - 3 inch (case of 12)
BB110165   Aluminum Dryer Offset Elbow for 4" ducting
Barg9   Aupu AU/AF69G1 2Speed Ceiling Insert Fan
BB111381   Bird Guard Hood, 4 inch white
BB111391   Bird Guard Hood, 4 inch white for flush Installation
BB110338   Brown Louvered Plastic Hood (4 inch) w/tailpipe
BB#111824   Builder's Best Aluminum Gauge Hood 10 inch
BB110003   Case of 100 units of 4 inch Replacement Louvers - White
BB#111918-Case   Case of 4 - 6 inch Mini Louvered Wall cap
BB110484   Clamp - Plastic for 4 inch duct
BB110148   Dryer Ducting Periscope 018
BB110117   Dryer Ducting Periscope 29 - 50 inches
PRMX-DV401   Dryer Exhaust Vent/Hood for 4" Ducting
FNTC-DBLT4W   Dryer Lint Trap
BB110698   Dryer Outlet Box
BB110141   Dryer periscope 23 inch extension piece
PRMX-RV28-4   Duct Adaptor for 4" ducting
PRMX-RV28-6   Duct Adaptor for 6" ducting
BB111790   Duct Adaptor for 7" Ducting
PRMX-RV28-8   Duct Adaptor for 8" ducting
BB110188   Eave Vent w/90 degree 4" Duct Connection & backdraft damper
FNTC-FD60EM   Fantech 10, 20, 30, 60 minute electronic timer
FNTC-PB110F   Fantech Bath Fan with Fluorescent Light
FNTC-PB110   Fantech Bath Fan, With ceiling grille and housing (replaces PB100)
FNTC-FLD60   Fantech Fan Delay Timer Switch
FNTC-RSK12   Fantech RSK12 Backdraft damper for 12" round ducting
FNTC-RSK8   Fantech RSK8 Backdraft damper for 8" round ducting
BB110120   Flex Pipe 4 x 8 V830 Mfg by Builders Best (20 pieces)
BB011774   Flush mounted 10" galvanized metal roof cap
BB110868   Galvanized Periscope In-Wall Periscope/Dryer Vent Rough In System
BB111080   Galvanized, 26 Gauge Vent/hood, 6 inch diam x 6 inch tail
Barg5   Ghost Whole House Cooling Fan
YITA-ECA250   Grille with 10" duct connection, removable damper, mounting clips
YITA-ECA150   Grille with 6" duct connection, removable damper, mounting clips
YITA-ECA200   Grille with 8" duct connection, removable damper, mounting clips
PRMX-RVL28   Heavy Duty Low Profile Roof Vent
HEY-DM120CB2   Heyokavent-120CB2
BB110140   In Wall Periscope 29" - 74" Aluminum
PRMX-WC801   Intake or Exhaust Vent/Hood for 8" Ducting
PRMX-WC401   Intake or Exhaust Vent/Hood for 4" Ducting
PRMX-WC431   Intake or Exhaust Vent/Hood for 4" Ducting - Gray
PRMX-WC445   Intake or Exhaust vent/hood for 4" ducting - tan color
PRMX-WC4NS-01   Intake or Exhaust Vent/Hood for 4" Ducting No Screen (for dryer applications)
PRMX-WC601   Intake or Exhaust Vent/Hood for 6" Ducting
PRMX-WC701   Intake or Exhaust Vent/Hood for 7" or 8" Ducting
PRMX-WCL701   Intake or Exhaust Vent/Hood for 7" or 8" Ducting
BB#111706   J-Block Vent Hood White Trim Ring .5 - 1.15, w tail pipe
HEY-FORM1   Laminated Formula Sheet with Weather Factors
HEY-FORM2   Laminated Pressure Relief Formulas for Central Returns
GARRLE202   LintEater 10pc Dryer Vent Cleaning System
GARR3203612   LintEater 12' Extention Kit Dryer Vent Cleaning System
GARR4203613   LintEater Lint Catcher Dryer Vent Cleaning System
FNTC-HS4W   Louvered Wall Shutter for 4" Round Duct
BB110272   Micro Louver Eave Vent 3" Diameter - faceplate only
BB110273   Micro Louver Eave Vent 4" Diameter - Faceplate only
BB110909   Mini Louver Fresh Air Intake 8" White
BB110694   Mini Louvered air intake, 3 inch/snap on ring
BB110754   Mini Louvered Fresh Air Intake 4 Inch, white
FNTC-FC6   Mounting clamp for 6" ducting
BB110811   NEMCO Mini Louver Fresh Air Intake
BB110638   NEMCO V020 Rigid Aluminum Pipe 4 inch x 2 foot
BB#111802   NEMCO« Plastic Eave Vent- Exhaust
Barg7   Panasonic FV-04WS1 2Speed
BB110639   Pipe, V020 4 inch diameter x 5 ft Rigid Aluminum
FA-Ltrap   Plastic dryer Lint Trap
Barg1   Polyaire 8" Diameter Motorized Damper
FNTC-FPS10   Positive/Negative Pressure Fan Control
INV-6276   PPL Training
PRMX-RDV6S   Primex 6" Soffit Vent Termination Fitting
PRMX-SV156   Primex Slab Vent in White
PRMX-WC31001K   Range Hood Vent for Rectangular Ducting
RAYM979   Recalculating Truth
BB110518   Rectangle to Round Fitting
Barg3   Removable Insulation Disks
FA-Replace   Replacement Screen for Fan Am Lint Trap
RAYM981   Residential QCI Handbook Advanced Version
RAYM982   Residential QCI Handbook in Print
RAYM980   Residential QCI Handbook Standard Version e-book
RAYM978   Residential Ventilation Handbook v2
FNTC-RC12   Roof cap for 12" diameter ducting
PRMX-RV2825   Roof mounted exhaust vent in black
PRMX-RV2025KIT   Roof mounted exhaust vent with duct adapter in black
YITA-MDA300   Round motorized zoning damper for 12" ducting
BB110116   Saf T Duct 18- 29 inch Periscope
ACYC-SMEXWD   SmartExhaust Ventilation Control Decora Style
ACYC-SMEXA   SmartExhaust Ventilation Control From AirCycler - Almond Toggle
ACYC-SMEXW   SmartExhaust Ventilation Control From AirCycler - White Toggle
PRMX-SV2801   Soffit Intake/Exhaust Vent
PRMX-SV401   Soffit vent for 4" ducting with backdraft damper
PRMX-SV501   Soffit vent for 5" ducting with backdraft damper
PRMX-SV601   Soffit vent for 6" ducting with backdraft damper
BB111281   T-Fin Pipe A200 - CASE OF 8 UNITS. Not sold individually.
PRMX-WC645   Tan Intake or Exhaust Vent/Hood for 6" Ducting
PRMX-WC623   Taupe Intake or Exhaust Vent/Hood for 6" Ducting
BB110548   V450 4 inch Dryer Transition Duct
FNTC-VT20M   Ventech Master Fan Control
BB110326   Wide Mouth Aluminum Hood 4 inch Duct

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