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Quality Control Inspectors' Handbook
One of the things I really love about residential building science is that there is an overwhelming amount of stuff to learn. Just when I think I have a handle on most of the important stuff, someone asks me what I know about something else which is usually very little. And that opens another door. It's sometimes difficult to know how many doors you can keep opening. I look back on some of the files and books I have collected over the years and realize that a lot of the information that I thought I had learned has escaped back out through those doors I left open!
Another thing I have learned is that there is a generation of experienced, perhaps expert, energy people (building scientists?) who are not getting any younger and are thinking about retiring. If we don't get their information down in writing somewhere, we are likely to lose it, and we'll have to start all over again. The fact is that I am already seeing people venturing down the "earth tube" and "envelope house" paths that were well and truly trodden.
I have said for years that I would like to start a Building Scientist Retirement Home where we could all go and argue about the buildings. We wouldn't need shuffle board or other social activities. We could just debate whether "undiluted CO" was the same as "CO as measured" or other fascinating topics.
Anyway, I am going to link my own blog here. Click on WISDOM and you'll get my latest thoughts. Wow! What a concept. Ain't science wonderful?


Paul H. Raymer (Chief Investigator, Heyoka Solutions, LLC)