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If you don't measure, you don't know.
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ACX Probe
ACX Probe
Price: $5.00

Small, flexible pressure probe to extend the capabilities of your digital manometer.
Laminated Airflow Formula Sheet
Laminated Formula Sheet with Weather Factors
Price: $6.00

A handy reference sheet for airflow formulas and ASHRAE 62.2-2010 weather and building height reference numbers.
Laminated Pressure Relief Formula Sheet
Laminated Pressure Relief Formulas for Central Returns
Price: $6.00

A handy reference sheet for airflow formulas for pressure relief for buildings without individual returns.
Averaging airflow sensor for 4" ducting
4 Inch Averaging AirFlow Sensor
Price: $18.05

A velocity pressure measuring airflow sensor for 4" diameter ducting with adapters
ACX Probe Kit
ACX Probe Kit
Price: $18.75

There are times when you need to sense the pressure in a space or room and the standard 3/16" probe is too fat or too stiff. This little, ACX probe included in this kit is able to sneak into places you have never been able to go before. It is easily bendable without kinking. Along with the ACX probe this kit contains (4) splices for extending a hose from a CAZ to the outside by coupling hoses together. It also contains an assembled 'T' fitting so that two taps on your manometer can be coupled together to measure the same point simultaneously. Completing the kit is the case which is big enough to store your static pressure probe or your standard, straight 3/16" probe, keeping all the parts together.
Averaging airflow sensor for 6" ducting
6 Inch Averaging AirFlow Sensor
Price: $21.10

A velocity pressure measuring airflow sensor for 6" diameter ducting with adapters
AirTest PM2200 Desktop CO2 and IAQ Monitor
AirTest Desktop CO2/IAQ Monitor
Our Price $169.00

The AirTest PM2200 is an affordable air quality indicator that displays three key elements of indoor air quality - carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity. Keeping these components under control is a strong indicator of the effectiveness of the ventilation and HVAC systems in the building.
Rebreathing CO2 can be a cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). The ATST-PM2200 will alarm if the CO2 level exceeds the set point. (Click on CO2 and SIDS for more information.)
AirTest PM2500 Particle Counter and IAQ Monitor
AirTest Particle Counter and IAQ Monitor
Price $199.00

The AirTest PM2500 represents a dramatic breakthrough in the cost of laser particle measurement technology. This important air quality parameter can be monitored easily, in the home, office or wherever it may be a concern. The PM2500 is the ideal tool to better understand the quality of the environment around you sensing and displaying both small and large particles.  The PM2500 utilizes technology once only accessible to professionals now available in an inexpensive, personal monitor.