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  • Have you wondered about getting into the building science field as an analyst or energy auditor and not known where to start?
  • Have you taken one of the courses for BPI certification and been confused by some particular procedures and not had enough time to work with the equipment?
  • Are you not comfortable with process and are putting off taking the written or field tests?
  • Are you already certified but would like more one-on-one, in-depth training?

In a large class it is often difficult to get the specific, in-depth understanding of a procedure such as combustion safety testing or residential pressure diagnostics. And you just can't get enough time with the equipment. Heyoka Solutions staff can provide one-on-one mentoring for specific challenges like preparation for the BPI Building Analyst, Envelope Professional, or Heating Professional certifications. We can provide review of building science concepts and a clarification of procedures and equipment. We can also provide a better understanding and application of residential ventilation (including ASHRAE 62.2-2016), duct analysis and repair, and advanced pressure diagnostics.

We can also provide continuing education for those already certified on a custom basis.
You will need to provide a house for the one-on-one training and field testing.For certification field testing homes must include at least one Category 1, atmospherically vented appliance. Envelope and Heating professional field tests also require a house with a ducted, conditioned air system (heating, air conditioning, or both).
Preliminary consultation
30 minutes
Hourly rate for one-on-one training
60 minutes

Note: Also available on an extended basis for teams. Contact us for details. [email protected]