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Clothing that makes audits easier

Note that these are just suggested tools.  There are certainly good alternatives and as an auditor/analyst, you should do your own research.  These are a big investment.  Also, the pricing is only approximate as of the date this list was assemble.  We periodically update it, but not all items at the same time.  The list is only meant to be helpful - a place to start.  Please let us know about updated information.

Pathfinder LED lighted cap
Approximate cost: $19.95
Available from (click on): LL Bean

Cool vest for hot attics
Approximate cost: $160.00
Available from (click on): Texas Cool Vest
(Personal note: These Cool Vests don't "Chill" you. They just keep the temperature more tolerable.)

Tool vest
Approximate cost: $87.95
Available from (click on): RepconNW
Skillers Pants
Approximate cost $64.95
Available from (click on) RepconNW
(Personal note: I think these pants are the best!  When I have to get down on my knees beside a furnace or crawl through a crawl space, I thank these knee pads every time.  They don't strap around the back off your knees and cut off the circulation.  The pockets carry all the stuff I need to carry.  Good stuff!)

Approximately $38.95
Available from TidyTrax
Eliminate the tracks without removing your shoes! Tidy Trax is made out of a durable foam that is extremely lightweight and won't harm or leave marks on floors.