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Fantech FPS10 Positive/Negative Pressure Switch Kit Installation Instructions
Last Updated: 09/06/2008
The FPS10 is a very versatile switch.  The pressures are relative to the two taps on the switch.  When they are both open (as shipped), the pressure at both points is equal, the internal SPDT switch will conduct power from the Common terminal to the NC (Normally Closed) terminal.  Connecting the accompanying hose to the Negative inlet and inserting it into the RETURN side of an HVAC system, will cause the system to turn ON when the air handler is activated.  The SPDT switch will conduct power from the Common terminal to the NO (Normally Open) terminal and disconnect power from the NC terminal.

Because of the control's versatility it is important to consider what task needs to be done before installing the FPS10.

Please click the attachment below for the complete manual.

Attachments:   09/06/2008: Pressure Switch Manual fps10_in.pdf

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