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Some Energy Tools from Analysis North
Last Updated: 04/18/2009
Phil Kaluza at EnergyTools and Analysis North of Anchorage, AK has developed some really nifty energy tools that he has been willing to share with the rest of the world. These are Excel based tools.
The first is a Garage to House Pollutant Transfer model. An idling car in a garage can generate a huge amount of Carbon Monoxide and bunch of other stuff that can be transferred directly into the house if the garage is attached to the house and the wall between them is not well sealed. This model shows the transfer of pollutants between the house and the garage, graphed by a pollutant release in the garage and the amount of decay time.
The second, IndoorHumidity, is a model that calculates indoor relative humidity when outside conditions, home air exchange rates, and indoor moisture generation rates are known. It demonstrates the relationship between humidity levels and air exchange rates.
The third, RefrigEcon, models the economic analysis of replacing a refrigerator. Plug in the monthly operating cost of the existing refrigerator, the annual energy use of the replacement, the cost of the replacement, and the electric rate and the model provides the annual energy cost savings, the simple payback, and the savings-on-investment ratio.
Thanks Phil!

Attachments:   04/18/2009: GarageToHouse.xls
04/18/2009: IndoorHumidity.xls
04/18/2009: RefrigEcon.xls

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