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HVAC Guide to Choosing Vents and Ducts
Last Updated: 10/07/2016
Primex, a manufacturer of excellent vents and termination fittings, has created a useful booklet that includes:
  • How to choose between a roof, soffit or wall exhaust;
  • What to look for in vents for harsh weather;
  • Choosing the right vent cap for a soffit;
  • How to prevent pests entering your attic;
  • How to protect your rainscreen when installing wall caps;
  • Why cheap and noisy flapper vents will cost you more;
  • How to choose your ductwork;
  • Tips for running ductwork through the attic;
  • How to install dryer vents in tight spaces;
  • Six advantages plastic has over metal;
  • HVAC Resources.

Attachments:   10/07/2016: Primex-HVAC-Guide-Vents-Ducts.pdf

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