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Classes - BPI and More BPI Testing One on one mentoring
    Building Science Training
    Analyzing homes is lot like being an investigator of a mystery. Each one is different. Each one tells a different tale. Each one has a history. Homes can last for hundreds of years - something that many of us forget. The occupants can tell you some or all of the history depending on how long they have lived in the home and how recently it was built. The building envelope is the shell that protects the occupants, shelters them from the weather, and should keep them comfortable and healthy. The fundamentals of building science are universal and can be learned. The details of each home makes them individual and adds to the experience and wisdom that can only be gained with time.
    Heyoka offers training programs, some of which can lead to BPI certification and some of which will further enhance your knowledge tool box. We offer training in:
  • BPI Building Analyst
  • BPI Envelope Professional
  • BPI Heating Professional
  • BPI Healthy Home Evaluator
  • Ducting Analysis and repair
  • Combustion Safety
  • Residential Ventilation
  • Advanced Zonal Pressure Diagnostics
  • ASHRAE 62.2 Ventilation Standard Training (Click on ASHRAE for our latest 62.2-2016 training program)
  • BPI Building Analyst Refresher - Why?

Comments from students:

Paul is an exceptionally qualified teacher, and an excellent choice for leading this new BPI training initiative. He sets a high standard and example for the students.” A.P. Truro, MA

“I would like to thank you for allowing me to take both the Building Performance Institutes Analyst and Envelope Courses. I have worked in the trades for most of the last forty years. I am a self-employed building contractor. Like many, I have felt the effects of the economic recession and realize the need to expand my skills. These classes were opportunities to learn how to evaluate buildings in terms of their being considered a system. The improvement of energy use and the quality of the air and comfortability were considered. There is a need to retrofit homes to make best use of energy supplies. This is obvious given the economic and political costs of energy. I hope to take advantage of this training to help myself economically and my community. I had not been in an academic setting for quite sometime. It was as much like college as I remembered it. Paul Raymer was a very good instructor. His depth of subject knowledge and enthusiasm for teaching made this a real learning experience for me. Thank you so much for making this available to me.” M.M. Marstons Mills, MA

“Thank you for the opportunity to be apart of this amazing class. Paul Raymer was extremely knowledgeable on all things building performance related. I highly recommend this class for weatherization contractors, auditors and builders. ” J.S. Hyannis, MA

Principal Trainer:
Paul H. Paul RaymerRaymer - IREC Certified QCI Master Trainer, HERS Rater, BPI Certified Analyst, Envelope, Heating, AC/Heat Pump; Healthy Home Evaluator has been working in building science since 1977, taught classes across the country, mentor for major builders, author of the Residential Ventilation Handbook, Residential QCI Handbook, member of ASHRAE 62.2.