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sClassBPI Building Analyst Training
Our internally developed BPI Building Analyst Training program includes four classroom days and a field day. The Building Analyst Certification is a fundamental BPI Certification, the basis of all the other specialist certifications. The training includes the fundamentals of Building Science - the house as a system.
BPI Building Analyst includes the fundamentals of building science and is the baseline for all the other classes.
  • Day 1 includes House as a system, health and safety issues, the fundamental of thermodynamics, moisture issues, and client interview process;
  • Day 2 includes the energy assessment overview, the "skeleton" of the house, insulation, windows, doors, thermal and pressure boundary, blower door testing and other diagnostic tools;
  • Day 3 includes basic math, determining conductive heat loss through materials, cost effectiveness of energy measures, building airflows and ventilation, convective heat loss, combustion science basics;
  • Day 4 includes HVAC systems, combustion safety, combustion safety testing, putting it all together.
A field day helps to bring the whole process home, making the classroom experiences real.
BPI Envelope Professional Training amplifies what is covered in the Analyst course and includes more insulation information. It is a two day classroom course with one field day.
  • Day 1 includes health and safety issues, building envelope, thermal envelope, pressure boundary, building science fundamental review, moisture, insulating properties of materials, convective loss, blower door testing;
  • Day 2 includes zonal pressure diagnostics, combustion safety, ventilation details including psychometrics, ducting and other delivery systems, professional ethics and customer communication.
The field day brings these processes together and demonstrates the use of field tools including combustion testing, blower door and pressure pan.
BPI Infiltration and Duct Leakage (IDL) Course is primarily a hands-on course to prepare technicians to provide the blower door and duct testing required to meet building codes. The course includes 2 hours of classroom building science pressure training, 3.5 hours of live hands-on training with blower door and duct tester equipment. Students will have 1.5 hours to complete their one-on-one field exam with a BPI proctor and must pass the filmed field exam with a score of 85% or higher. There is no written exam.
Certification testing takes place in a house during the field day.
Contact Heyoka Solutions for actual dates, times, and locations.

Mass Save Crew Chief Duct Leakage and Flow Testing
This is an 8 hour class for certified crew chiefs teaches program participants what they need to know to be an approved duct sealer and insulator in the Mass Save Program. It covers the program rules for evaluating duct system eligibility for program participation and the steps to successfully seal and re-insulate eligibile systems. The hands-on component familiarizes attendees with using the True Flow system or heat rise test to measure system airflow, the correct way to locate field joionts and remove the duct insulation, selecting duct sealing techniques, and applying sealing materials, and finally replacing existing duct insulation.
This course is only available for certified crew chief and is paid for by the utilities. Contact Michael Plasski <[email protected]> for approval to take the class.

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