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Retrotec Blower Door
Tools of the trade
Good tools make work easier and more effective.  There are a lot of great tools out there in the marketplace for analyzing the performance of homes from blower doors to infrared cameras to gas leak locators.  They are usually very expensive and unfortunately there is not a great deal of unbiased information out there, information or product reviews by people who won't make a profit selling you the equipment.  On top of that the user manuals that come with these things often leave a lot to be desired.  Most of the problems come from the omission of information.
We do sell some analysis tools and we will talk about them here.  We will try to provide both their good points and their weak points.  (Not every tool is perfect, in fact, virtually every tool compromises something.)  We will also talk about tools that we don't sell and think are worth investing in.  And we will try to relate information that is passed along to us about other tools that people use and like.  The object here is to be as helpful as possible.  We would appreciate any comments about any of this that we can relate to others that we can pass along.
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Laminated Airflow Formula Sheet
Laminated Formula Sheet with Weather Factors
Price: $6.00

A handy reference sheet for airflow formulas and ASHRAE 62.2-2010 weather and building height reference numbers. more info
Laminated Pressure Relief Formula Sheet
Laminated Pressure Relief Formulas for Central Returns
Price: $6.00

A handy reference sheet for airflow formulas for pressure relief for buildings without individual returns.
more info