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Residential Energy Auditor and Analysts Tools and Resources

Note that these are just suggested tools.  There are certainly good alternatives and as an auditor/analyst, you should do your own research.  These are a big investment.  Also, the pricing is only approximate as of the date this list was assemble.  We periodically update it, but not all items at the same time.  The list is only meant to be helpful - a place to start.
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Laminated Airflow Formula Sheet
Laminated Formula Sheet with Weather Factors
Price: $6.00

A handy reference sheet for airflow formulas and ASHRAE 62.2-2010 weather and building height reference numbers. more info
Laminated Pressure Relief Formula Sheet
Laminated Pressure Relief Formulas for Central Returns
Price: $6.00

A handy reference sheet for airflow formulas for pressure relief for buildings without individual returns.
more info
White soffit vent for 4"ducting with backdraft damper
Soffit vent for 4" ducting with backdraft damper
Price: $12.35

Simple, nicely curved exhaust vent for 4" or 5" ducting, minimizing the resistance to air flow and providing a clean appearance.  Includes a gravity return backdraft damper. more info